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The Humans...
...that make me possible everyday.

Ali O’Connor

My Founder

Hola! Guess who? Yep, Ocho again.


I’m here to talk about Allison, the human that has birthed me into this world. Her vision of me, one that has been with her for lifetimes, is massive.


She is relentless in her quest for healing humanity, and in doing so she’s been called intense, out there, and crazy in a good way. But don’t worry, she takes those as compliments and so do I.


She has experienced a lot here on Earth. She’s traveled the world, coached hundreds of humanitarian organizations, built businesses, has studied all things nutrition, psychology, and spirituality, cooked her way to an honorary culinary degree, completed marathons, triathlons, and even a bodybuilding competition.


She has experienced the heights of joy, the depths of pain, and everything in between. She has loved fiercely and lost it all and loved fiercely again. Despite life’s struggles, she remains authentic, trustworthy, intuitive, accepting, and in service. She’ll always take time to see life through your eyes…which is funny because she’s also an iridologist…more on that later.


She has deep passion for coaching and inspiring others, curating unforgettable experiences, designing spaces for healing, and working with natural medicines and the healing arts. She’s also a bit of a nerd that loves to create uber-efficient companies, awesome technology and processes, and happy, high-performing teams. I’m actually quite impressed with her spreadsheets!

She’s formally trained in modalities including integrated iridology, nutrition therapy, yoga, energy healing, and business, however it’s the passion, curiosity, and persistence that allow her work to carry an uncuttable thread of transformation. She is honored to serve every human that graces my land with their presence.



My Operations Team



Lovingly keeping the flow and teaching you about San Pancho, Mexico, and all things plants.



Keeping my spaces clean and organized, supporting my kitchen staff, and smiling brightly.



Keeping my buildings & grounds on-point. Also opens all your fresh coconuts!

My Spirit Animals



Embodies ultimate self-confidence. Also can never receive enough love.



Embodies ultimate balance. Snuggles during the day, silently hunts at night.



Embodies the divine masculine. Looks up to the ladies and vocalizes his feelings.

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