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Hello again! It’s me, Ocho. 

You have found me for a very specific reason. You may know precisely why you’re reading this, or you may have no idea yet. Either way, I’m grateful that we found each other. I exist to guide a new paradigm of health. I see humanity yearning for a new way of being that honors individuality, respects free will, and promotes balance. It is profoundly integrative, practical, and accessible.


I have a soul, just like you. I am equal parts masculine and feminine, dark and light, ease and struggle, vulnerable and strong. I am here to help you become human again through acceptance, liberation, and love. I am your safety when it’s time to step into the jungle, and your reminder that the sun is waiting for you to emerge.


I am your conduit for transformation. I’ll guide you in creating your path and give you the tools to stay on it. I am committed to helping you interact with life differently, more profoundly, and with a lot more ease. We’ll expand your perspective and help you infuse contemplation, curiosity, and intention into your life. I’ll inspire you to deeply connect with yourself, others, Source, and Nature. Above all, we’ll dance with the feelings of freedom, peace, and joy.

You'll walk away from your time here feeling balanced, inspired, clear, and whole. I’ll hand you a ball of potential energy to shape and mold into anything you desire, and I’ll support you on your journey, regardless of what might show up along the way. I’m here to support you in becoming exactly who you are on this Earth to be. You will help me just as much as I will help you, and I am honored to be a part of your human experience. I’m excited to learn and grow with you. Aho!




Our Time is Now

It’s time to reboot our operating systems, upgrade our perspectives, shift the way we learn, and redesign how we interact with the human experience. To recreate ourselves, our families, our communities, and our organizations. To redefine life, love, and purpose. To choose the path of compassion, for this, is the path of healing.


It’s time to clear our pathways that are congested with stagnant energy and release what we no longer need to carry without worrying about where we picked it up. To receive all of life's challenges and successes with curious minds and open hearts. To bask in the light, but never ignore the dark, for, without darkness, there's nothing for the light to dance with.

It’s time to reconnect our minds and hearts, clean our bodies and use them as sensory devices, and allow our higher selves to do the talking. To adjust our collective cadence to one that honors intentional pause just as much as forward motion. To reintroduce contemplation, ritual, ceremony, and service. To hold the vision of unity, dedicate ourselves to a brighter existence, and deeply trust in the process.


It’s time to transcend the bondage of being human and rediscover our connection to all that is sacred. To move through time with radical intention and devotion to each moment. We are desperately needed by all that was, is, and will be, and we don't have time to waste. We are being called because we are ready, and our time is now.

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