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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where is Ocho located?
    I’m located in San Pancho, Mexico, a unique and vibrant surf town on the Nayarit coast. If you’re looking for my town on the map, type in San Francisco Nayarit. I’m about one hour north of Puerto Vallarta.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes! In general, Mexico is a very safe country to travel around whether you’re alone or with a companion, and the Nayarit coast is no exception! I have taken all of the precautions to ensure my guests feel secure while they are here, however it won’t take long to.
  • What airport do I fly into?
    You will need to fly into Puerto Vallarta airport. Its airport code is PVR.
  • How do I get to you?
    Don’t worry! Roundtrip transportation between the airport and Ocho is included in the price.
  • Am I able to work when I’m there?
    Ocho is a place of immersion, rejuvenation, and healing. Therefore, I do not allow my guests to work remotely while they are here, so plan on leaving your work responsibilities and major electronics behind!
  • How about alcohol, tobacco, and other substances?
    I do not allow any guests to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco (except when used by practitioners during a ceremony), vaping, marijuana, recreational drugs, or plant medicine (outside of scheduled ceremonies) during their Ocho Experience. This is to ensure the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of every guest.
  • What if I have special dietary requirements?
    My cuisine is healthy, fresh, 100% plant-based, and already free of most allergens and irritants; however, my chef team is able to accommodate any dietary requirements you may have, whether they are medical or ethical in nature.
  • What should I bring?
    You’ll receive a detailed packing list upon booking, but it’s not too extensive, and plan on leaving the frills at home.
  • How do I prepare?
    We’ve got you covered here too! 3 weeks prior to arriving, you’ll receive my preparation protocol that we strongly recommend you follow for the 2 weeks before you arrive. If you’re coming for plant medicine, the protocol will be more specific. Don’t worry…I am not asking you to move mountains, and if you struggle with prep, you’ll have a prep coach to reach out to for guidance!
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