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San Pancho

Heya…Ocho again!

I’m sure you’re wondering about this little slice of heaven. Well, I’ve literally been everywhere, and I got tired of living out of my esoteric suitcase... so I chose a place to settle for a bit. I’ve always seen Mexico as a country with endless perspectives. A place that promotes hard work, resilience, ease, and joy. A culture that accepts challenges as opportunities for growth. A people that take care of their own.


During my countless travels in Mexico, I kept being called back to San Pancho. It is a true gem, one so shiny that it was clearly the place to plant my roots. It’s laid-back, authentic, and uplifting with world-class surf, beaches, and sunsets. Its growth is controlled, it prides itself on its cleanliness, and despite the continued development in this region, the infrastructure remains solid. It’s a solid 9 out of 10 on the energy vortex scale, but that’s kinda my jam!


It’s easy to fall head over heels in love with San Pancho due to its:

  • Friendly people fiercely dedicated to the vibrancy of their community 

  • Top-notch cafes and shops without compromising the local vibe

  • A plethora of wellness, cultural, spiritual, and nature experiences

  • Artists, organic farmers, and healing arts practitioners galore

  • Modern amenities yet still a small-town vibe


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to support this gorgeous community. Here’s how we give back:

  • Artwork at Ocho curated by Entreamigos, the local children’s community center

  • San Pancho community initiative sponsored and managed by Ocho

  • Local vendors featured onsite

  • Locally sourced furniture, decor, & supplies

  • Relationships with local organic farms


Thanks for visiting me in this undeniably magical place. See you soon!




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