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Ocho Experience


I am Ocho. I am a place for truth, connection, and transformation in the vibrant community of San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico. I am here to help guide a new paradigm of integrative healing and wellness that honors your individuality, respects your choice, and sees life through your eyes. I invite you to heal, play, learn, create, and serve with me. I can’t wait to meet you.




Humans just like you visit me to...



Because we love helping you be your best self. You'll rejuvenate, learn, and experience true wellness with our community through thoughtfully selected wellness activities, therapies, and health coaching designed to help you focus on your health.


Because there's nobody in the world like you. We get to know you before you arrive and personalize your integrative healing program and plant medicine protocol based on your health history, goals, and results from our comprehensive intake process.


Because we believe in the power of collective healing. We work with practitioners across the healing arts, corporate teams, and groups of friends and family to co-create transformational experiences and lasting memories.


 Onsite With Us


We offer curated therapies, workshops, adventures, and ceremonies with world-class practitioners to make your experience truly transformational.

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We custom curate private medicine experiences that honor where you're at, your intentions, ethical harvesting, and native tradition.


We embody the saying that food is medicine. Our cuisine heals your body, delights your palate, and nourishes your soul.

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Our unique and beautiful spaces were intentionally designed to foster connection, curiosity, inspiration, and healing.

Words of Affirmation

Dearest Ocho…thank you! We came into this experience blind, not knowing what the week would bring. we trusted in you and the process and have come out with new Lightness never before felt. Thank you for curating a perfect week for Martha and I after our loss. I feel a release of something that I held deep inside of me since...forever. You have encouraged and motivated me to continue the process of deep self-knowing and feeling and recovering. I feel honored to be part of this community of love and healing that you are creating. I truly believe that Taylor brought you into our lives to show us the way and help us understand and accept him. May the peace and calmness and health found at Ocho continue and carry through back to our lives in the States. I look forward to coming back to Ocho as much as possible. You are doing great things! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Denver, CO

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