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Touching the Surface


Welcome in the new you with personalized integrative healing & transformation after cancer or chronic illness.

Cleanse and detox the physical body. 

Create a healthy, safe relationship with your body

Process unresolved trauma & grief.

Better Navigate the survivorship experience, the transitional phase that follows the completion of treatment. 

Redefine what your cancer journey has meant to you.

 Develop or refine your plan for long-term health.

Deeply Connect with others and yourself.

 Experience lightness, joy, and play.


 Redefine yourself after cancer.


Join Tania Atkin & Ocho Experience for a week of true transformation. We’ll heal, learn, play, connect, and create through personalized treatments, sacred ceremonies, and unique group experiences thoughtfully designed for you to:

Your Host 
Tania Atkin
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Tania is a professional fitness athlete, Elite Strength Coach/Fitness Expert, Integrative Health Practitioner, C. Psych Therapist, Resilience + Body Image + Confidence therapist, Life Coach, Educator & Author for over 34 years. She has been dedicated to helping others her entire life.


She followed her path of naturopathic medicine, not to be a doctor in a clinical setting, but to round out her understanding of the human condition. Having knowledge of the body systems allowed her to work more effectively with people to heal emotionally. Her experiences lead her to a Masters in Counseling Psychology due to her passion for looking at deep human issues that somatize through physical symptoms.

With diverse clinical experience, she quickly realized that her work was not congruent with the conventional world of medicine or psychology. As a pioneer in the health, fitness, psychology and resiliency space, she has made it her mission to REVIVE women from the depth of despair, dis-ease and adversity, both physically and emotionally. On a personal note, she is married to the love of her life, Nathan and they have two beautiful sons.

Tania's Cancer Story

On February 14, 2022, I was diagnosed with a rare blood bone/marrow cancer called Multiple Myeloma and within 8 months, I went through an toxic induction period of chemotherapy, an autologous stem cell transplant, with a broken spine and achieved remission. During that period of time, I used all of my emotional strength, resources, knowledge and education to support myself with non-conventional, non-toxic Integrative therapies/medicine and holistic nutrition, so that I could support my body and truly heal once and for all.


This “cancering process” was not a result of poor dietary habits, genetics, or lifestyle… I believe that my cells were listening to the HAVOC I was causing to myself-physically & emotionally and for my radical healing to happen, it involved getting very intimate with the pressure I was putting on myself to be PERFECT in every way, professionally, physically & personally. I had some soul searching to do! Cancer does not have to be a DEATH sentence, although conventional toxic treatment approaches will kill you, if you lack knowledge & resources to damage control! Cancer is in my opinion, is a lack of systematic balance because a “healthy” person is not supposed to get cancer. So obviously, I was "out of balance" in many of my terrains, despite my extremely healthy lifestyle!


I was carrying so many emotional wounds that I couldn’t let go of, and it finally manifested into “dis-ease” as a feared it would...MY CELLS WERE LISTENING. I had to figure out what was out of sync! Yes, I did the conventional treatment to put out the fire, but I was also doing a lot of Integrative Oncology and Integrative Nutrition/Supplementation & Exercise to support and mitigate any side effects, symptoms, and for prevention of reoccurrence. Now, main focus is supporting my immune system, my metabolic health & finding more JOY in my life, so that my terrain is inhospitable to Cancer.

My tenacity, grit, and resiliency are my psychological assets.

Your Guide
Mar Berdejo
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Mar Berdejo is a trusted guide and medicine practitioner at Ocho. She has a background in transpersonal psychology, meditation, and mindfulness. She has dedicated her life to helping individuals and groups find inner peace, clarity, and self-discovery through coaching, guidance, personalized therapies, and plant medicine ceremonies. Above and beyond her transformational facilitation, she is deeply committed to proper education, preparation, and integration when it comes to all forms of healing and self-growth work.

Mar has honed her expertise in applying ancient practices, indigenous traditions, and the safe and ethical use of plant medicines to our modern world. She is a sacred medicine keeper and a true leader and visionary in the spaces of integrative healing and the transformation of human consciousness.


She resides in San Pancho with her partner, Shane and her two beautiful children, Azul and Mateo.

What’s Included


  • Lodging & Onsite Amenities

  • Delicious, Nutritionally Balanced Meals & Snacks

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Roundtrip Transport to/from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)

  • Local Transportation


  • Medical Record Review 

  • Medical Intuitive Reading

  • Integrated Iridology Reading

  • Personalized Plan for your Ocho Experience


4 per person included

  • Anti-Inflammatory Massage

  • Integrative Energy Healing

  • Acupuncture

  • Janzu Water Therapy

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy

  • Kambo Ceremony


  • Cacao Circle

  • Holotropic Breathwork

  • Temazcal or Cold Plunge

  • Clay Beach Adventure

  • Sound Healing

  • Daily Movement Classes

  • Guided Meditation & Visualization Ceremony (with Optional Cannabis)


  • Happiness & Resiliency

  • Our Emotions & Cancer

  • The Nervous System & the Importance of Somatic Healing

  • Compassionate Self-Inquiry

  • Rediscovering & Loving the Body


  • Virtual Preparatory Group Session 

  • 2 Onsite Private Coaching Sessions

  • Virtual Group Integration Session for incorporating what we have transformed into our daily lives

Yoga teaching

Private Room with Private Bath:


$4,888 USD

Semi-Private Room with Shared Bath:


$4,488 USD

Ready to Experience the Magic?

Register online or get in touch with us if you have questions. I can’t wait to transform with you!

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