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  • The consumption of alcohol is not permitted at Ocho.

  • Smoking of any kind (including vaping, tobacco, marijuana) and the consumption of recreational drugs or plant medicines outside of scheduled ceremonies facilitated by Ocho-approved practitioners is not permitted at Ocho.

  • I may not have visitors to the property for any reason.

  • Phone conversations are not permitted in Ocho’s public areas.

  • Quiet hours are from 11pm to 7am.

  • I am responsible for any major loss or damage caused by my actions.

  • If I violate a property rule, Ocho reserves the right to require me to leave without a refund.



  • Having adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for my trip, including international medical coverage and/or travel insurance. Ocho is not responsible for any travel expenses I incur, including but not limited to emergency or non-emergency medical care, changes to travel itineraries, or lost belongings.

  • Myself, my thoughts, my emotions, my behavior, and my healing journey. Ocho is simply here to unconditionally support and guide me through the process.

  • The decisions I make regarding consuming plant medicines and receiving treatments. Ocho will make recommendations, however the choice to receive or reject experiences is mine and mine alone.

  • Asking the right questions. Ocho will provide as much information as possible to me, but if I have questions about anything, including the process, my treatments, and the medicines, it is my responsibility to speak up and ask.

  • Receiving medical clearance from a Spirit Pharmacist to work with plant medicine if I am on pharmaceuticals contraindicated with psychedelics. Ocho is not responsible for medically clearing me to work with plant medicine.

  • The results of my experience. Ocho is not responsible for any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual implications, whether positive or negative, that result from engaging in healing work.

  • Providing accurate and truthful information about myself, my intentions, my health, and my personal, medical, and psychological history to the Ocho Team.

  • Following all preparation and integration protocols provided by the Ocho Team. If I do not follow the recommended protocols, it’s on me.



  • Being our best selves throughout our time together, regardless of how it looks.

  • Conducting ourselves in a reasonable and responsible manner.

  • Listening actively and attentively.

  • Communicating clearly, honestly, and openly.

  • Creating collective safety and support.

  • Consulting our own intuition when making decisions.

  • Remembering that everyone’s experience and perspective is different.

  • Acknowledging our part in any conflict that may arise without shaming ourselves.

  • Practicing kindness and compassion with everyone I interact with, even when we get triggered or find ourselves in a difficult conversation.

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