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Ocho's Home: The San Pancho Collective

Hola, I am Ocho! I am lucky to have found my home in the magical town of San Pancho, a small, sleepy surf town nestled on the tropical coast of Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

San Pancho Collective

The town is a hidden gem of natural beauty, thriving community, and healing. It attracts – and wins the hearts of – a unique and diverse tribe of people...those who resonate with the true openness, acceptance, and healing energy that flows through the town. There is a large transient community of new faces passing through, contributing their experiences to the traveling melting pot and the strong local community that calls San Pancho home.

San Pancho has a strong multi-cultural ex-pat community but still remains distinctly Mexican at heart. There is a wonderful integration between the spectrum of ideals and cultural identities that live in harmony in San Pancho; they are all brush strokes on the canvas of the community.

Walking down the main street of San Pancho is a sensory delight. The vibrant colors of the buildings, storefronts, and street art draw the eye while the perfume of street tacos, churros, and fresh flowers taint the air. The cobbled streets wind around the town revealing small artisan shops, lively cafes, and locally owned restaurants. The warmth of the Mexican sun brightens the streets as the chatter of conversation flows as locals and tourists go about their day. The town has a palpable sense of charm.

The town sits along the Riviera Nayarit, an area of stunning coastline dotted with small towns and secluded beaches that snakes its way to the city of Puerto Vallarta, in the South. The region has endless opportunities to explore and connect with nature and Self. Nayarit is thick with a wild and biodiverse jungle. The region boasts many conservation efforts to support local wildlife, an ocean wild and teeming with life, and gorgeous sunsets that light up the sky and mark the end of another day in paradise.

San Pancho town

The powerful network of self-expression in San Pancho is supported by the local community center and the town's multitude of independent venues. It’s common to see live music, art exhibitions, and poetry reading amongst a spectrum of physical and mental practices – meditation, yoga, acrobatics, art, dance, breathwork, and sound healing to name just a few. The town embraces expression and self-development on a personal level and for the collective community.

The town is a hub for community and charitable efforts. There is unwavering support behind the town's community center, EntreAmigos, which does beautiful work creating opportunities for children and families by providing education and community spaces for those in need, as well as advocating for environmental preservation within the town and beyond.

San Pancho beach

San Pancho is home to a circus school, Cirque De Los Niños, that operates from donors and community fundraising to provide world-class circus training for local children. The Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde does wonderful work preserving sea turtles in the area. The town is also a base for a huge amount of conservation work to protect the habitats of surrounding wildlife.

I, Ocho, see my home as an extension of myself. There is a powerful energy in San Pancho that pushes for positive change, whether that change is for the planet, community, or ourselves.

I am honored to be a part of the San Pancho collective. I aim to channel the energy of self-improvement and interconnectivity that flows so freely through the town. I will provide a safe space, a platform for change, promote healing and connection within the San Pancho tribe, and welcome all with open arms.



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