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Ocho's Artscape: A Journey through the Eye of Freida Fredenhagen

Hola, I am Ocho. As a sanctuary of tranquility and introspection, I extend my warmest welcome to all seekers of respite and creative nourishment. Within these walls, I embody the spirit of serenity and serve as a vessel for self-discovery.
Ocho's Artscape

It is my great pleasure to introduce the brilliant mind behind the carefully curated art that adorns these spaces, the designer who weaves together beauty, inspiration, and contemplation. With meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of the human spirit, this artist extraordinaire has transformed my interior into an immersive gallery of visual wonder.

Frieda Fredenhagen, originally from Guadalajara, has been part of the San Pancho community for more than 10 years. Mother of two children, ages 7 and 11, a happy self-taught painter, muralist, and sculptor. In love with the beautiful cultural diversity in San Pancho, she has carried out various works and exhibitions within the town, as well as interior decorations, murals, and signs for some boutiques and businesses in San Pancho.

Currently, the social program "Mujeres Que Crean" (Women Who Believe) is one of the programs that she directs within the town's community center, Entreamigos, so it is an honor to integrate its participant's work here at Ocho, giving rise to other job opportunities for them, as well as collaborating with other members of our beautiful community and sharing art together.

" It allowed me to create from different materials, such as pieces of wood to be reused from the local carpentry, cold-drying clay, interventions on signs, pieces of wood, handicrafts carved in wood, canvas panel, a bit of macrame, sharing somehow many of my heart-shaped stones that I have found over time in San Pancho, etc, etc, As well as coordinating with each of the artists who have accompanied me throughout these months to achieve it.

The inspiration generated by Allison O'Connor's vision for Ocho definitely awakened in me an endless number of ideas; I only had to find the artists to participate. Without a doubt, San Pancho is characterized by its great diversity and talented local artists, so I decided to collaborate with some of them. Some with more experience than others, but each of them with a huge heart where creativity is present and they connected with the concept as soon as I told them about Ocho.

Each piece is unique, created with the intention of being part of each room according to the element that corresponds to it. From the color palette to the materials and techniques, they definitely allowed the creative process to be collective and complement each other with the natural, recycled, and artisan components that make up the pieces.”

Here are some of the members of the group who collaborated to bring Ocho’s art to life.

Jerimona art

Better known as "Jero", a great, responsible, beautiful, and very kind woman, originally from Michoacan, who has already lived a large part of her life in San Pancho.

A member of the Mujeres Que Crean program for 7 years, she is the mother of 2 children, Omar, a 13-year-old teenager, and Mateo, a beautiful 5-year-old boy, a great warrior of life, who unfortunately suffers from Cystic Fibrosis disease and is on the organ donation list for a Liver. With the income Jero receives from her art production in Ecodiseno and Ojos de Dios is how she can afford a large part of Mateo's treatments.

Jero also accompanied the process of installing the pieces in Ocho together with Frieda Fredenhagen. She knows how to perform glass cutting techniques, God's eyes, embroidery, hand and machine sewing, paper beads, and other beautiful handicrafts.

Mayra Art

Mayra Monje, part of our San Pancho community, a working woman, and mother of 2 beautiful little girls, has been part of the Mujeres Que Crean program for 6 years.

Her venture is woven thread Mandalas, and she also participates in the production of other items in EcoDiseno to bring economic resources and support the health of her parents who she is responsible for and who receive hemodialysis treatment.

Giovanna Art

Giovanna, originally from Sonora, has been part of the San Pancho community for several years now, a member of the Mujeres Que Crean program for 2 years, and the mother of an 11-year-old girl, Itzel.

Energetic, sincere, and happy, Giovanna brings a lot of energy to the group. She is empowered and happy doing the things she loves and sharing them with her daughter. She participates in the production of various products from recyclable materials in EcoDiseno, both glass bottles, paper, inner tubes, fabrics, and machine sewing.

She created her pieces with "rags" of reused, washed, and dyed fabric that was cut into pieces and woven into abstract patterns on a beautiful rug and a set of 3 triangular white pillows.

Tulah Art

A concept created by the Entrepreneur Laura Pregon, Tulah captures you through beautiful knots and makes the essence of each element the protagonists of each room. Laura has participated as a voluntary workshop facilitator with the members of the social program Mujeres Que Crean.

Apart from being a Fashion Designer and mother of a 7-year-old girl, Laura is creative and wonderful with fabulous quality in her creations and compositions. She is also the founder and entrepreneur of this beautiful brand.

TULAH, Decoración tejida en Macrame y mucho mas!


Mateo maderas

Mateo Maderas is an entrepreneur and artist in San Pancho, a member of the community for several years, and co-creator of "La Rustina", a community bike workshop concept. Mateo is a creative carpenter who creates a range of functional art from delicate pieces such as "wooden earrings", beautiful hexagons, and wooden signs to shelves, closets, sculptures, and "fun games" for all. Mateo also designed and built a variety of Ocho's furniture!

Adrian and Romi Art

Adrian Lozano is originally from Chihuahua and is a valued member of the San Pancho community. He volunteers his time teaching machine sewing to women from the Mujeres Que Crean social program and supports them in the development of their own products for sale.

He co-creates with Romi, originally from Argentina, a member of our beautiful San Pancho community. CONFIO INFINITO is a concept to expose the elements such as fire, water, air, and earth, through a sensory experience, and elaboration of components such as cushions, teepees, booklets, and posters printed with the traditional technique of serigraphy.

In the rooms, you will find bespoke printed books allowing the guests to leave a message or a memory of their stay at Ocho and creating beautiful memories with the passing of time and transcending of space.


Glenda Ponce was born in a nearby town and has lived most of her life in San Pancho. She is one of the first generations from the local families of San Pancho to graduate both High School & University thanks to the scholarship received from Entreamigos.

She creates her pieces based on fallen branches of trees and beautiful pots with "succulent" plants which do not need to be watered in this hot climate. Her work gives a sensation of being closer to the elements of nature inside each room.

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