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A Letter to Kambo

Hola Kambo,

I am Ocho, and I want to thank you for allowing me to use your sacred medicine to strip away what no longer serves the humans that visit me. I love how you operate, sweet sacred frogs, who offer yourselves to us humans that desire to receive deep healing. I am stunned and mesmerized by the way you navigate the human body and find all of the places where the darkest of energies and blocks are hiding.

I am fascinated by how you strip away our layers and allow us to rediscover the roots of who we are while the ego sits on the sideline. Your ability to invoke feelings of peace, lightness, clarity, and acceptance is profound. And let’s not forget how you support our physical forms with circulation, detoxification, nervous system regulation, and ultimately, immunity in all its forms.

What’s more, you ask your recipients to become fully present, in-tune, and deeply connected to their physical bodies in order to fully receive all you have to offer. You test the core concepts of resilience, surrender, and trust.

I also love when you are used gently to provoke deep awakening, journeying, and healing on all levels without a physical purge. I see how your spirit has chosen to not discriminate who gets to receive your medicine for not everyone is physically strong enough to receive you in your entirety. I love exploring your unlimited potential.

The temporary discomfort created within your ceremony followed by a deep sense of peace and revitalization afterward is a strong reminder that we are on Earth and in our bodies for a specific reason. To experience the full spectrum of the human condition. Equal parts pain and joy. For without the ability to feel pain, we cannot feel joy.

I can’t wait to surrender with you.



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