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Ocho Application

Dear Friend,


Thank you for taking the time to complete my application. This information helps my team and I learn even more about you by giving you the space and time to contemplate your answers so we can put together the best program possible for you.

Please be radically honest and as detailed as you can. Don't stress about giving us too much information. If you're not sure it's relevant, share it anyways! Oh, and here's a Pro Tip! Read each question out loud to yourself a few times before formulating your answer.

At the end of this form, you’ll be asked to pay your $500 non-refundable deposit, which can be applied towards a Personalized Experience for yourself at any point over the next six months.

Once you have submitted this form, one of my team members will be back in touch with you to schedule your next conversation and get you booked. Thank you for your trust, transparency, and willingness to share. I can't wait to connect with you more!



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