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Clay & Play

A Pottery and Surf Retreat.
Amplify your creativity through the perfect blend of movement, expression, and creation.
Dear Flow Seeker,

I get where you’re at. It’s time. You’re feeling the need to shake things up, get out of a rut, or scratch an artistic itch. I invite potters, sculptors, surfers, movers, and shakers of all levels to experience profound transformation through the perfect blend of authentic movement and authentic creation.


Allow embodied movement to help you get out of your own way and tap into your innate creativity, to quiet the harsh inner critic, to free another piece of yourself. Journeying out of the mind and into the body prepares our soul to create without limits. Let the waves knock you around a bit, because sometimes we need to fall and get shaken out of control to find our center and realize that the fear of the fall was far worse than the fall itself. Embody the concept that releasing control is real freedom.


Once we have our center, we’ll take it to the clay. Your time in the studio will include creative collaboration, exercises in non-attachment, and  make and break rituals. Beginner and intermediate wheel and hand building techniques will allow you to grow your skills while finding your own voice in your work. You’ll receive specific techniques for success alongside freedom and encouragement for creativity. I’ll playfully nudge you to push your boundaries of what you thought was possible, because in the end, it's just mud.


I’ll keep you well-fueled for your creative journey with the most delicious healthy cuisine. In the evenings, I’ll treat you with rituals and practices to calm, nourish, enjoy, and receive from ourselves, each other, Mother Nature, and the beautiful culture of Mexico. 


I can’t wait to surf, move, and play with clay with you!



Access our innate bravery to trying new things, even if we are not yet great at them. 

Learn how to use embodiment practices such as breathwork, yoga, and mindfulness to tap into your own innate creativity

Open ourselves to how our experience working with clay is a metaphor for our lives.

Honor and value our "mistakes" as much as our successes, as the "mistake" often makes a piece more beautiful and unique. 

Dissolve conditioning such as the fear of failure, perfectionism, and the need to use force to create.

 Spend time in the sun, sea, and studio creating beautiful art in all its forms.

Feel like a true local and make lifelong friends.

 Get messy and love every second of it!.

Together we will...

Your Host & Guide 
Kelly Guenther
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Kelly has been a ceramicist and yogi for over 20 years, and a surfer and drummer for 10 years. A former New Yorker, she moved to Mexico in 2017 to pursue a simpler and more authentic life. She desired deeper connection with friends, nature, the ocean, herself, and the freedom to make her art. While she is a highly accomplished artist, teaching has always been her deepest passion.


“I've always been a teacher, be it yoga, drumming, or ceramics. They all share something in common, helping people be kind to themselves while trying something new, connecting with their authentic self, and finding their voice. Being witness to my students when they have an "ah ha!" moment, when they get it, when they do something they never thought they could do, is one of the greatest joys in my life.”


When Kelly is not in her studio, she’s walking her dogs, singing while cooking, dancing, drumming, or playing in the ocean. She rarely wears shoes, often has clay in her hair, and wears overalls everyday. She’s a true inspiration to everyone that crosses her path, and she’s always ready to play!


What’s Included


  • Lodging & Onsite Amenities

  • Pescetarian Meals & Snacks

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Ocho Welcome Gift

  • Ocho Digital Recipe Book

  • Roundtrip Airport Transport to/from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR)


  • Wheel Techniques

  • Hand-Building Techniques

  • Collaborative Sculpture

  • Throw & Alter

  • Make It & Break It

  • Open Studio Time

  • Indigenous Weaving


  • Morning Movement Classes

  • Surfing or Paddle Boarding

  • Sound Bath

  • Needles (Acupuncture) & Nidra

  • Secret Beach Adventure

  • Nature Hike

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • 2 Massage or Reiki Treatments

Dates for Clay & Play

Shared Room

Early Registration (save $300 USD) discount available until 2 months before start date

$3,588 USD

Private Room

$4,388 USD

Regular Registration

registration closes 2 weeks before start date

$3,888 USD

$4,688 USD

If you live in the area full-time and want to attend but don’t need overnight lodging or transportation, join us for $1,888 USD all-inclusive!


Ready to Play?

Register online or get in touch with us if you have questions. I can’t wait to transform with you!

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